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Publicity: for high resolution images of Sean or his book covers, please visit this link.

School and Library Visits

I'm unbelievably flattered that you're interested in having me speak at your school or library! The author journey (and Cam's journey through The Hotel Between) has been a whirlwind, but definitely the best kind, and would love to share that journey with your students.


Everyone has a journey and a story unique to them, and my presentations are built around the idea of celebrating every story and journey in the room. As much as possible, I like to keep our talks interactive, fun, and encouraging.


I can accommodate groups of all sizes for presentations, workshops, Q&A, and more. I have school-friendly pricing, and am happy to explore options that will benefit your students. Most of my presentations are geared for 8-13 year olds, but I'm happy to make accommodations for groups outside that range, schedule permitting. 

If you'd like to discuss what kind of engaging, fun presentation we can put together for your students, please don't hesitate to contact me by filling out the form at the bottom of the page to ask for rates and more information. Make sure you put "Author Visit" in the subject line!

Session Offerings

Every school or library is different, and I would love to find a way to accommodate your needs. Please reach out and tell me whether you're looking for small group presentations or assemblies, and we will craft a plan that works for your specific budget and requirements. Book signings are a part of all in-person author visits (along with special HOTEL BETWEEN perks that are uniquely available to students present at author visits). Where time is limited, I'm happy to pre-sign books as well. Please contact your local bookseller to arrange book sales, as most offer school discounts for events!

Author Talk: From Falling Out of My Chair in Class to Publishing a Book

(Scalable to all ages and group sizes) Sean discusses his journey from being a second grader who was a major troublemaker in class to becoming a published author and beyond. He discusses the teachers and mentors who had an impact on his life, the stumbles along the way (including showing the students his stacks of revisions and scrolls of rejection), and reveals how everything made sense when he finally channeled his inability to “sit still” into building worlds that other people can benefit from and flying around the world to promote it! He also talks about his favorite middle-grade and young adult books of today (depending on the audience). 30-45 minutes

Planting the Seed of Awesome: How to Get Your Ideas to Grow in Someone Else’s Head

(Communication and World Building)

(Scalable to all ages and group sizes) This session dives into the fundamentals of storytelling and writing as a whole. The act of communication involves taking the ideas that have grown in your own mind and planting those ideas in someone else’s, then giving that seed all it needs to grow. This session validates the differences in all perspectives, putting others before self in communication, listening to and valuing the various perspectives of people we interact with before trying to get them to listen to us. These sessions focus on communication when presented to younger students, but delve into more writing-specific details with older students and adults. Smaller groups allow for more interactivity and fun learning games. 30 minutes-1 hour

Writing the Wide World: How Process Meets People


(Scalable to all ages and group sizes) Students learn about the writing process for The Hotel Between and The Key of Lost Things, including a multimedia PowerPoint showing people and places that inspired the locations visited in the book—everything from glow worm caves in New Zealand, to Vörösmarty Ter in Budapest, to the soccer (fútbol) fields outside an orphanage in Honduras. Adventure is out there! 30-45 minutes

Everyone's a Hero: Revising Your Life and Your Writing

(Scalable to all ages) Everyone’s a hero, and everyone has a story to tell. Sean delves into topics like bullying and respect for other people’s perspectives, and connects the trials and mistakes of growing up to the revision process. He also reads selections of his own writing from when he was younger, and shares personal anecdotes and stories as he discusses his own mistakes—both personal and publishing—with laughter and meaning. 30-45 minutes

For a downloadable copy of Sean's school visits flyer, click here:

Skype and

Virtual Visits

I'm also available to visit with your students in a virtual setting via Skype and Google Hangouts. These fifteen minute to half-hour sessions are dependent on availability (after all, I still have to write more books for y'all to enjoy!) and tend to feature fun Q&A time where students get to ask about my process, the book, what it's like being a full-time author, or publishing as a whole. 

If that sounds like something your students would enjoy, please don't hesitate to contact me through the form below and make sure you put "Skype Visit" in the subject line to ask for more information! And as always, these visits are most impactful when students have read one of my books, so do mention whether your students have read or will be reading in your message so I know how best to serve you.

Publicity: for high resolution images of Sean or his book covers, please visit this link.

For more information or to get a quote on pricing, please fill out the contact form below

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