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About Me

Sean is the author of middle grade and young adult books. His debut middle grade series, THE HOTEL BETWEEN, is coming in 2018 from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Book two is scheduled to follow in the  fall of 2019.

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Sean Easley was born and raised in North Texas, but he's never owned a pair of cowboy boots or a ten-gallon hat. He can definitely tell you where to find those things, though.

When he wasn't dodging cow pats as a kid, he was reading and writing, watching TV shows with intricate plots, and playing RPGs. Since his mom was a foreign language teacher, Sean developed a love of language early. And since his dad was a globe-trotting athlete, he grew up loving cultures around the world. 

But Sean was an extremely ADHD child. We're talking fall-out-of-your-seat, never-ending-distraction-level disruptive. It wasn't until his third grade teacher realized he was bored that he started to figure himself out.

Mrs. Weeks assigned Sean extra tasks to perform whenever he finished his schoolwork before everyone else--which was pretty much always--to help him deal with his ADHD. One of those projects was to write a book of poetry. He never looked back. 

In college Sean studied written composition and teaching, eventually earning a Masters degree in education. He spent over a decade teaching and mentoring students in various environments, but eventually decided to put his education to work writing fiction.

Today Sean writes books full-time in his little office in Texas, where he lives with his wife and son. There may or may not be two dogs and a cat involved. 

When he's not writing world-spanning adventure stories, Sean can be found checking out fictitious worlds in books, TV, and video games. He gets bored with only one world to live in, and he's glad that so many others have shared theirs with him so he can stop falling out of his chair.

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