Pax Review (or why I want a fox in my life)

Pax, by Sara Pennypacker Pax made me love my pets so much more. And I already loved my animals a lot, so that's saying something. This story is about a fox and his boy, but more than that... it's about finding peace in the midst of loss, and about learning to flourish with the life you find yourself in. Beautifully written, sweet and kind, with quotable lines you'll hold onto for a long time. It's a short read, just right for many young readers, What Pax is: A book for young readers that's filled with heart, warmth, and lessons about life. Also, there's something about a fox and his boy in there, too (okay, that's the whole thing, but seriously... this thing will grab your heart). Who it's f

The Real Boy Review (or how different does not always mean broken)

The Real Boy, by Anne Ursu The Real Boy grabbed my emotions like few books do. For starters, I'll just go ahead and admit that I didn't see the connections between this book and the classic Pinocchio until waaaaay too late in this awesome middle grade. Our protagonist had me so enthralled in his worry that he wasn't like other kids that I couldn't think of much else besides how much I felt for him and his situation. The protagonist, Oscar, is the most engaging part of this story. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but The Real Boy's Oscar has a unique perspective of the world that makes you root for him more than most characters. He's flawed in a deep, deep way, but his flaw is also his

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