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The Hotel Between Here, There, & Everywhere is going to be published!

The big announcement? I just signed with Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers on my newest book, The Hotel Between Here, There, and Everywhere! We're scheduled to release in fall 2018, which I know seems like a looooong way away, but these things take time, and we want to do it right!

Neal Shusterman. Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Holly Black. Stuart Gibbs and Jonathan Maberry and Margaret Peterson Haddix and Kenneth Oppel and...

... Hatchet. Stinking Hatchet is one of their books.

Can you tell I'm excited? Here's the industry announcement below:

Sean Easley's Hotel Between Industry Announcement

I'm so excited to share this book with all of you. I'll be updating on our progress as everything trucks along, and especially be posting lots of stuff on social media, too. Since I'm switching from E.S. Wesley to my own name for this one, I've got new Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep everyone up-to-date! And we have this new, shiny website at to celebrate!

I'll be sure to let you know once we've got a cover and more information. Until then...

YAY! Thanks to all you who supported me in getting here, and for you who continue to root for me. Y'all are pretty much the greatest! (you'll discover why I always say that once the The Hotel Between Here, There, & Everywhere comes out in fall of 2018)

Until then, go add it to your Goodreads TBR pile!

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