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I'm a Pitch Wars mentor this year! (Or how I learned to resurrect my dying blog)

Pitch Wars Middle Grade Mentors

In case you haven't heard I've joined Pitch Wars for a second time, only this year I'll be on the other side of the equation. Back in 2015, I was mentored by the brilliant J.A. Souders, and now I get the immense privilege of mentoring someone else for Pitch Wars 2018! I had the joy of mentoring Julie Abe through Author Mentor Match last year (she just signed with her agent on that manuscript, and I couldn't be happier for her), and I'm itching to share the things I've learned with one of the wonderful middle grade authors I'm desperately hoping will sub to me when the submission window opens.

Now, if you've come to this post looking to see all the nitty gritty of what I'm looking for in a mentee, or a manuscript, you might be a little disappointed. Those details aren't coming for a while yet (but you can look forward to the Pitch Wars Mentor Blog Hop coming in August for all that info). Instead, I'm here to give you what I know you all come to Pitch Wars for: the gifs.

Like the gif that shows how excited I am to be mentoring this year:

Or the gif that shows what I'm hoping my Pitch Wars inbox will look like when the submissions window opens:

Or how about the one that shows how ardently I will fight for that one shining manuscript that I fall desperately in love with:

Here's me remembering I have a blog, and deciding it's time to start posting on it again since I have LOTS of things going on.

Oops... that was probably a little dark for our middle grade readers. To make it up,

here's this gif that shows exactly what I'm looking for in a manuscript:

Wait... you didn't really think I was going to give it away that easily, did you? I mean, yes, my name is Easley, but it's an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPELLING!

Umm, sorry about the outburst. And the puns. Ahem, continuing on...

Anyway, follow me here and I'll keep you up to date (or try to... I'm bad at the blogging thing) as much as possible. Until then, be sure to poke around in the #PitchWars feed on Twitter, and watch out for the veritable DELUGE of info coming over the next few weeks.

Until then, my friends, write on!!

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