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Legends of the Lost Causes Review (or how the west was wrested away from zombies)

Legends of the Lost Causes, by Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester

Legends of the Lost Causes, by Brad McLelland & Louis Sylvester

Legends of the Lost Causes = orphans in the wild west + zombies. No joke. And it's full of win.

I don't know why people keep trying to say that westerns are "done." Sure, we don't have as many western books and movies these days as we used to, but maybe that's a good thing. Maybe we were oversaturated. Maybe we just needed to see the next evolution in what "western" might mean.

And maybe, just maybe, all we needed were a few zombies.

The west is one of the few areas where America has its own legend and mythology, apart from anything that was brought over by the myriad people who came to this land. It's America's own mythos, unique, and it's high time we saw it subjected to new spins and angles.

Adding zombie outlaws to the wild west was a stroke of genius. I'm not going to give you much of the story--it's great on its own--but suffice to say I have a new series that I'll be preordering every time a new book is announced (which, word is, will be a good bit).

What Legends of the Lost Causes is:

A book for middle grade readers about teen orphans facing intelligent zombie outlaws who may or may not have killed their parents.

Who it's for:

Young readers who like adventure, zombies, guns, and a well-told story. Also good for people like me who, while they're no longer "young" in the publishing sense of the word, still love a great adventure.

Who it's not for:

Honestly, if the idea of a bunch of orphans fighting a gang of zombie outlaws doesn't have you salivating already, I don't know what's wrong with you. Why are we even friends?

Legends of the Lost Causes comes out February 20, 2018.

Reminder of Sean's review policy

Sean doesn't give bad reviews of books. If there's a book he didn't quite click with, he just won't review it. Odds are, it just wasn't a book for him, and someone else will love it. Follow the link for more on Sean's Review Policy.

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