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Click'd Review (or my so-called life as a teen app coder)

Click'd: a middle grade novel for would be coders

Click'd is a book for the wannabe coder in every kid.

Let's face it, this generation lives and breathes tech. It is inseparable from everyday life. It's with us in the morning to wake us up, and it puts us safely to bed at night. But there are dangers to that tech, too. We give it unfettered access to our lives, our deepest secrets, and trust that everything's going to be okay.

This is the world of Click'd. Our world. A world where everyone wants to be connected, but we're never quite sure what that might mean. A world we think we're masters of, but that sometimes does whatever it wants despite our best efforts to control it. A world where teens can get creative, and can even change the world, if they can just get this tech of their under control.

Click'd had some extra meaning for me, too, since my wife is in the tech industry. She's told me how male-heavy the tech world can be, and seeing this girl play the lead in a tech-y, computer-y role is awesome.

What Click'd is:

A book for middle grade readers about a teen coding competition that gets a little out of hand.

Who it's for:

Young readers who can do anything, whether they know it or not. It's got a great social impact message, too (think Habitat for Humanity, that kind of thing), so it's a great gateway into the wild world of social responsibility, as well. Oh, and did I say this girl is a technophilic wonder? Because yeah.

Who it's not for:

Honestly, it's a great book for young readers. It's empowering, fun, and has a great message. So if you don't like those things...

Reminder of Sean's review policy

Sean doesn't give bad reviews of books. If there's a book he didn't quite click with, he just won't review it. Odds are, it just wasn't a book for him, and someone else will love it. Follow the link for more on Sean's Review Policy.

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